Consultant in the field of Basic Engineering & Process Design for the Chemical, Petrochemical & Refinery Industries.  The Key Person is having over 17 years of experience in the process design field with different engineering companies inside / outside India. Proficiency in handling of Process Engineering simulation Software such as CHEMCAD / PRO II / HTRI / B-JAC / HYSIS (partly)

  Specialized Activity  
Various heat exchangers designed starting from simple cooler, condenser, vacuum condenser to different types of reboiler. The heat transfer area ranging from less than 2 m2 to more than 1000 m2. More than hundreds heat exchangers designed for different clients inside and outside India. Several existing exchanger retrofitted for new / revamped services.
Carry out existing column diameter and internals checking for revamped operating parameters. Suggest solution to utilize maximum possible internals for the revamped operating conditions. Designed /Retrofitted several distillation column for various solvents & chemicals
  Simulation of the processing plant
Preparation of conceptual design of the plant
Overall material balance
Process Flow Diagram
Process Equipment Design
Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams (P&IDs)
Hydraulic Calculations
Instrument Specifications
Equipment Layout